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Work For Hire

Lisa (and Kort) also create custom logo designs for anyone interested in having a logo done in the Lisa Hunt Art style. Lisa's wonderful drawing an painting talents are well known and Kort brings his graphic design experience to the mix. Drawn logos start at $120 and full color painted logos are $160. Contact Lisa directly with logo inquiries. Full corporate ID packages and custom printing are also available. Please contact Lisa directly if you wish to contract her for any other type of original work (book covers/illustrations, calendar art, portraits, etc..)

Walking the Path    Marilu Mann    Bayou Witch Incense

Lifegate Acupuncture and ATA (American Tarot Association) logos

Sticky Hands Herps


Lisa's artwork can be licensed for either print or electronic publication.
This includes websites, posters, CD covers, book covers etc..
Lisa does not normally license her images for product development, but she will review your request to determine if it is an appropriate fit for her brand identity.

Commercial Licensing

Any company/website that promotes a profitable enterprise and/or product must negotiate a licensing fee. In addition, the purchaser must include proper copyright notice.
Fees start at $50.00 depending on product/use/distribution. For example, usage of art for a CD cover image with limited distribution is $200.

Gaia, The World - used for album cover



If a website is deemed appropriate for Lisa' artwork, she will allow the use of up to three images free of charge. The image must include copyright information along with a link back to Lisa's website. Please inquire if you're interested in including Lisa's art as part of a non-profit presentation or on printed material. Do not post any artwork without explicit permission and please notify her with the details before posting.



The copyright notice that should accompany any of Lisa's artwork should read as follows:
[title of artwork] © [current year] Lisa Hunt Art. All rights reserved. www.lisahuntart.com

Art Integrity

Lisa's artwork cannot be altered, written upon, marred or enhanced digitally or otherwise without explicit permission.


Unauthorized reproduction of Lisa's images, text or designs, electronically or otherwise, is strictly forbidden and prosecutable by law.

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