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Where do your ideas come from?
I get inspired by almost anything: nature, reading (especially mythology and folklore), traveling and visiting parks and zoos, etc. I recently took a trip to the Northeast and was dazzled by the lighting that filtered through the deciduous trees. The way the light and shadow created patterns on the tree trunks was nothing short of magical; I soon saw those visual displays carry over into my art.

Can you explain your painting technique?
I'm a watercolorist -- my soul medium. To find out more about my technique, go to my biography page where I give a full step by step explanation of my process.

When was your first obsession with drawing?
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I loved drawing nature and later fairy tales.

Who encouraged you?
As a young child, no one discouraged me -- it was an inexplicable drive. Teachers were always encouraging but oftentimes frustrated because I tended to want to do my own thing. I was definitely an artist geek in school. I even wore an artist's cap and scarves when I was in high school.

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
I was born in Washington State but moved to New England when I was almost 3.

Are you married? Do you have any children?
I am married to photographer/designer Kort Kramer. We have two young children.

Where are you living now?
The sunshine state! I love the tropical atmosphere. I've been in Florida for much of my adult life now.

What is your favorite painting for each deck you've done?
Hmmm, let me see...
I would say:
~ Shapeshifter Tarot: The Sorceress, Goddess of Air and the Sacred Flame
~ Celtic Dragon Tarot: Queen of Swords, The Moon, The Magician, The Hermit and Ace of Pentacles
~ Animals Divine Tarot: The Wheel, The Fool, and several others. I have a hard time picking a favorite since so many pieces in this deck were so very special to me in their own way.
~ Fantastical Creatures Tarot : ...

I would like to ask permission to use some of your images on my MSN groups site. I think your images would greatly enhance our appearance.
Please send me a link to your site. I do request to see a site before I grant permission for a very limited use of my work.

I was wondering if you would allow me to use 3 of your images on our e-cards page?
I do require that you indicate copyright and my url with the image. Any use of my work should not be used for any kind of profit without an explicit agreement or licensing contract.

Can I request your permission to use your artwork for website/ calling cards/ siggies for personal use and linkware use?
I only grant permission for use of my image for an e-mail tag if name, copyright and a link to my website are clearly visible. Please do not manipulate the image in any manner (except to superimpose your name). Also, this image should not be used in any profitable manner. I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of the finished siggie.

I am interested in buying your tarot decks. Where can I purchase them?
You may want to go to the publisher Llewellyn and purchase it directly from them. All of my decks are widely distributed and can probably be obtained at Barnes & Noble, Borders or Amazon, as well as at numerous online stores.

I recently viewed Celestial Goddesses images in your gallery. Are there any publications available which include these wonderful illustrations?
You may purchase the book Celestial Goddesses from Llewellyn or Amazon. The book is a gorgeous hardcover with large, beautifully reproduced paintings.

What time of day do you like to work?
I used to be a night owl, but motherhood has necessitated that I adopt a more "normal" schedule. I seem to work best in the afternoon (following several cups of coffee! Haha). But sometimes my muse will strike me in the evening hours when my household winds down with the setting sun.

How did you become involved with tarot?
What started out as an intrigue became a passion. The tarot perfectly complements my interest in psychology and art and allows me to use my artwork in a way that helps me to become more engaged in the deeper levels of the psyche. I'm fascinated by symbolism and the subtleties that these cards represent as projection holders. It is endlessly fascinating and never grows boring for me. I'm always reading and rereading books about tarot and continue to learn new things about this amazing and versatile tool.

How do you begin when creating tarot images?
When sketching tarot cards, I work on automatic -- I don't restrict myself in anyway except for the basic border approximating the card size. I try not to be analytical about the sketches, I just let myself go and allow feelings and creative impulses to direct my composition. This is my way of connecting with something sacred within my being. It's one of my favorite stages of the creative process. I may sketch several versions of a card before I arrives at that "this feels right" moment. Or I may settle on a design relatively quickly. I rely heavily on intuition when deciding which sketch would best represent a particular card.

What about painting the cards?
While painting, I get meditative and often let the paint flow as it will. Many paintings are rendered with spontaneity (especially the ethereal parts like hidden spirits in the sky, trees, etc.). I rarely know exactly how the painting is going to turn out. I pre-plan a basic color scheme and let the painting evolve as it wants to. If I were to put too many pre-planned restrictions on myself, I would lose the joy of the process.

Do you sell prints?
Yes, contact me with print requests. LisaHuntArt @aol. com

Do you sell orginal art?
I sure do. Please contact me directly if you are interested in a specific painting.

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? There is no such thing! But I enjoy reading, sketching, writing, studying tarot, playing piano, cooking (I am told I make a great homemade apple pie!), walking/running, Tae Kwon Do, swimming, gardening, playing chess with my hubby and spending quality time with family and friends. I'm basically a very earthy person who enjoys being a homebody.

What are you working on now?
I recently completed art for a new tarot deck entitled Fantastical Creatures Tarot (to be published by US Games in late 2006 or early 2007). It was contracted a few weeks after my daughter was born and was completed a month shy of her 2nd birthday (stay tuned for more info). I'm also working on a long term project that won't be published until the end of the decade (yes, it has been contracted by a publisher, but no further details will be discussed at this juncture). It is my first indulgent project time-wise and one that I intend to enjoy thoroughly. I'm also collaborating with a dear friend on a book idea that is currently in the proposal stage. As soon as we know more about its future, I will announce it on my news page. In between, I continue to paint images for collectible card games, do the occasional book cover or interior illustrations and engage in whatever crops up along the way that captivates my interest. My career path has been a rather unplanned one: full of serendipitous occasions and unexpected turns. That's what makes it so exciting!

Could I display some of your artwork on a website that I am creating?
My general rule is that you may use up to three images with my copyright and link adjacent to the work--and I do request seeing the website before granting permission to make sure that my work is appropriate for the website. Please note that the work is not to be manipulated in any manner nor is it to be used for profit on your website.

I was wondering if you are able to shed light on the meaning of the spirals that you frequently incorporate into your artwork?
The spiral motif is a natural extension of my creative delivery and yes, I use it quite often in my work. The idea of continuation, renewal and life cycles is a common theme in my work. The spiral is a strong, universal symbol that has appeared in cultures throughout the world. It seems to speak to humanity on a deep, unconscious level and continues to reveal itself in various artistic expressions. It sounds like the spiral motif has resonated with you in some way.

I know that many tarot readers learn the meaning of the inverted cards as well as those that are right side up, and your book doesn't contain the meaning for the inverted cards...do you think the cards contain different inverted meanings, or are they the same meaning regardless of which direction they face?
Reversals, or "Rx" cards can be challenging and complicated, but they can also provide you with additional insight that standard upright meanings may not. If a card comes up Rx in a reading, instead of assuming the "opposite" (which is something I do not subscribe to), use it as an opportunity to probe into the card further (beyond the surface of recognition). This reversal card is beckoning for your attention!

For example, if you get Empress Rx, you may be feeling some kind of antipathy from a female force in your life. Or perhaps you are harboring unresolved issues/feelings pertaining to your relationship with your mother or another female relationship. It could also be suggestion that you need to take time to nurture that kind of relationship or perhaps even address your own "anima" or female side of your own being. It could be an indicator that you have allowed your own feminine sensibilities to be superseded by the external masculine, resulting in a possible imbalance.

Reversals are both exhilarating and challenging and require you to keep a very open mind. Feel free to go beyond my descriptions/applications suggested in my book and let yourself extrapolate on the images that can create a bridge between the conscious understandings borne from uprights and the quiet, more intense deliberations offered by the Rx cards.

As you continue to familiarize yourself with the meanings, many of the deeper underlying meanings will begin to reveal themselves to you. The key is to allow yourself to be receptive and open minded as you proceed through the tarot learning process. Learning the tarot is a lifelong pursuit and the more you examine the cards and study the meanings, the more you may realize the infinite possibilities that await your journey as a student of tarot. We are all students of tarot and it is endlessly fascinating!

Upcoming events -- where can we see you up close and personal?
I am unsure at this time. I have two small children and am booked up in the studio for the next several years. I'm rather solitary -- and like nothing more than creative quietude. But the few times I've been out and about at art shows, signings or conventions has been nothing less than inspiring.

What advice can you give an aspiring artist?
Follow your creative instincts and stay true to yourself. Don't try to paint like anyone else but instead nurture your own individual style. If you keep at it and allow yourself to become confident with your chosen medium(s), it will show in the final presentation. I think artists oftentimes get too easily frustrated and give up. I've seen this happen too many times. I think it is important to view the artistic road as a lifelong journey--full of challenges, disappointments, rewards and many opportunities to grow. If you feel passionate about what you're doing, then the journey will surely be infinitely rich and exciting. If you love what you are doing, then failure is not an option.


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