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Excerpt from the introduction to Celestial Goddesses:

"Contemplating the mysteries of the universe facilitates creative thinking. In true Zen form, the more we learn, the more we need to learn. The internal spirit, the essence of our being, is what is touched by the goddess. If we let our internal voices guide us into pure, contemplative thought processes, then we can examine the quantitative measures of science with an enhanced feeling of awe and reverence. We become more emotionally connected, more spiritually elevated, and ultimately better, more flexible observers of nature. We need the goddess to be a part of our conscious beings as we move forward into a new millennium of astounding scientific discoveries. And as we acquire more scientific understanding about the cosmos, perhaps we can acquire a deeper connection with the goddess."

Amaterasu - Japanese
Arianrod - Welsh
Artemis -  Greek
Amaterasu (NFS)
Hina - Polynesian
Inanna - Sumerian
Isis - Egyptian
Luonnotar - Finnish
Mama Quilla - Peruvian
Mawu - Fon
Nut - Egyptian
Pana- Inuit
Saule - Slavic
Selene -  Greek
Saule (NFS)
Tara - Asian
Ushas - Eastern Indian
White Shell Woman
Wuriupranili - Australian

Signed, archival quality, 8.5" x 11", 8-ink prints of Lisa's work are available directly from the artist for only $17.50, shipping & handling included. Purchases can be made by clicking on the PayPal button below. Please specify the name of the painting you would like a print of when making your purchase.

If you wish to purchase an item using cashier's check or money order, please contact Lisa directly.

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