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~ March 2010 ~

The Fairy Tale Tarot made the Top 10 decks of 2009 at The Aeclectic Tarot, number 3!

Also, The Fairy Tale Tarot now has an App version for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
It was created by Garlic Software and published by Llewellyn.
You can download a copy from the iTunes store by clicking below:

The App Store


~ February 2010 ~

It has been a while since I've updated my news page--an obvious sign that I'm a busy studio hermit! As you may know, The Fairy Tale Tarot was recently released and has received critical acclaim from many tarot luminaries. I also finished up a publicity campaign that included some amazing experiences on Blogtalkradio, my first imovie of The Fairy Tale Tarot, e-print interviews and fun giveaways. You can access archives of my interviews HERE.

I've also launched my storefront and have enjoyed creating tarot/print packages and custom drawings for fans and friends. Thank you for those who have ordered artwork from me. And those of you who have not and are interested, you can go to my store HERE.

I'm also creating logos and business cards for my creative clients including a logo for a dynamic blog talk radio duo and also one for a magical lady who creates specialty incense. If you're interested, please feel free to e-mail me for a quote and discussion of my services. My prices are competitive and I love helping others brand their unique visions. I'm also fortunate to be married to a professional graphic designer who assists with the technical end of things and helps assure the utmost quality in everything that we produce.

Publishing-wise, I'm over halfway through creating juicy, mysterious artwork for a deck focusing on ghosts and spirits. It will be published by U.S Games, though an exact release date has yet to be determined. In between, I'm working on project ideas and have embarked on my journey as a fine artist. I painted Owl-Shapeshifter and Crow-Shapeshifter as part of a winged enchantment series. These paintings are available as large format limited edition prints of 150.
Once 150 prints have been sold, the pieces will be retired forever.

If you would like to see my painting progress and be kept informed of blog updates and LisaHuntArt online specials and sundry tidbits in between, you can follow me on twitter and Facebook.

Thank you, friends. Your continued support is much appreciated!
Watch out for some upcoming March Madness sales including a tarot deck giveaway!

~Love & light,

~ September 2009 ~
The winner of the Fairy Tale blog giveaway is:

Jeannette of Studio Odd

visit here for more info...



~  April, 2009  ~
ddIt has been a while since we've updated the News page,
but changes are coming soon to LisaHuntArt.com.
As you may be aware, Lisa has started a blog, Dynamic Dreamer ~ Art Weaver.
You can visit it by clicking HERE.

A site-wide revamping is underway.
Look for a "new" LisaHuntArt in the coming months.

Lastly, Lisa's the Fairy Tale Tarot is set to debut in September.
It is available for pre-order on Amazon.com.

August, 2008
The Fantastical Creatures Tarot has been nominated for a Chesley Award by the Association of Science Fiction &
Fantasy Artists
It will be competing in the Product Illustration category.
Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists logo
Pagan Poet link
July, 2008
Three of Lisa's paintings are being featured as the art for e-cards on the Pagan Poet web site.
July, 2008
The Canadian web site Tarot Card Cafe has posted a review of the Celtic Dragon Tarot. Click HERE to read the review and scroll down until you reach the article.
Tarot Card Cafe

The Fairy Tale Tarot banner and link

July, 2008
The Fairy Tale Tarot web site has been launched and new content is being added
as it becomes available.

June, 2008
Nellie Levine of Illumination Tarot
has posted a wonderful review of the Fantastical Creatures Tarot.
You can read it by clicking on the banner
to the right.

Illumination Tarot
Tarot Reflections Banner   May, 2008
Tarot Reflections reviewer Debra Madigan posted a glowing review of the Fantasical Creatures Tarot in April. Her review is also posted at the Aeclectic Tarot.

~ Lisa: April 20, 2008

"Recently, a moderator for an art forum advised me that the infamous "Stacy English" has been ripping off my name and artwork. This is not the first time someone has attempted to pose as myself. I'm trying to understand why anyone would want to steal my creative identity in this manner to begin with--what is there to be gained from it? Thankfully, members, with an astute eye for fraud, brought the impostor to the attention of the moderator and the individual was prevented from posting. Unless an art group is listed on my links page and/or appears in a legitimate gallery with obvious copyright permission granted (and I am selective about where and how my art should appear on the web), assume it is an impostor."

"To everyone: I would greatly appreciate you helping me to stop this kind of unwelcome behavior by those who have seemingly nothing better to do than to pretend that they are me. Please e-mail me if you think someone is ripping my artwork off. Thank you for your kindness and support--and for other artists, beware of imposters! No one is immune from falling victim to art/identity theft. But by spreading the word and keeping informed, we can help prevent the proliferation of such perfidious behavior and protect our artistic integrity."

For more on Stacey English's and her many aliases/stolen identities,
please click HERE and HERE.


Lisa & Kris at the Orchid Gardens

Kris Waldherr - the new web site


~ Lisa: April 4, 2008

"My dear friend Kris Waldherr recently visited with her family. Our daughters are both three years old, so they managed to get in some serious playtime while the grownups chatted. We toured the American Orchid Society, drank some delicious coffee she brought from New York and enjoyed many hours of soulful art talk. It was fun to show her original watercolors from my upcoming Lisa Hunt Fairy Tale Tarot. And it was equally as fun to hear about everything she has been doing (she has an impressive work load!).

I'm quite certain most of you are familiar with Kris' amazing work, but if you're not...keep your eye out for her upcoming publication Doomed Queens (Doubleday, 2008). Knowing Kris and her work, I know this book is going to be a huge success! It's going to be one of those *you gotta read!* books. Be sure to check out her new website:"


March 17, 2008
Soul Exodus Volume II, a graphic novel by Benjamin J. Colón, is complete. Lisa provided the stunning front cover artwork for this story set in an apocalyptic future earth. It will debut at New York Comic-Con 2008, beginning on April 18th.

You can view cover painting at Lisa's mySpace page or by clicking HERE.

  Soul Exodus II

March 2008
Fantastical Creatures was named one of the Top 10
tarot decks of 2007 at Aeclectic Tarot.

  Aeclectic Tarot Website

January 26, 2008
Lisa's appearance at the 2008 INATS East Show was a great success! Lisa gave tarot readings to many lovely people and enjoyed interacting with a steady stream of fans throughout the afternoon. Lisa has returned to the studio rejuvenated and vivified after her inspiring experiences at the well-attended event.

Left: Lisa reading for Ann Moura, an accomplished author/taroist in her own right. And if you don't know Ann, she is an amazing lady!


INATS East Trade Show 2008

January 2008
Come meet Lisa at the U.S. Games Systems booth at the International New Age Trade Show where she will be speaking with attendees and offering readings with her latest tarot deck, the Fantastical Creatures Tarot.

Lisa will be at the booth from 11-4 on Saturday, January 26th and looks forward to meeting you!

  Lisa Hunt
Fantastical Creatures Tarot banner  

November 2007
The gallery at FantasticalCreatures.com is now complete, featuring every card as it appears in the deck.

November 2007 - Note from the Cincinnati Tarot Guild

Alchemical thought. What is it?

Alchemical thought is what we perceive everyday....We perceive it in our relationships, our families, our workplace....But most of all we perceive it within our minds. We put our ideas, actions and reactions together based on feeling, thought and environment. This means we tend to take in our information in, in parts. These parts come together in a series of space and time. Sometimes we can take in too much and we begin to over load.
Alchemy is a type of discipline, a path of sorts and also a state of mind. If we can organize the understanding of all the layers within this type of "coming together" or "FUSION" - we can better understand HOW to slow down or speed up our thought processes, particularly pertaining to critical thinking and thought patterning.

In Taroic imagery, we can bring together all of the information in the card/s, and the information in the environment perceived by the reader of the client/seeker and tune into the patterns and energies of what information is needed to obtain answers.

Friday's class was wonderful and very informative in every way. We learned that alchemy is a part of life daily and though we seek answers on the general basis of wrong verses right, we also can peel back the very ingredients of any given situation, person ,place or thing and understand cause and effect.

Lisa Hunt's new deck, Fantastical Creatures, provides us with a wonderful example of "thought alchemy" with her interwoven artistic angle and view on symbology, deity, and color in this deck. At our first class in "Journey Within The Mind" series, we see ourselves as "parts" in an ever changing world, living day to day under the guise of the multi layers we live with we refer to as life, that make up those parts of a "whole". Energy speaks to like energy - we find that we are "part" of something greater. Thought patterns repeat. Solution becomes predictable by understanding these patterns.

Fantastical Creatures gives us the full experience of alchemic thought and the knowledge contained within ourselves verses imagery on a metaphoric and empathic level.

The Cincinnati Tarot Guild highly recommends Fantasical Creatures Tarot in the usage of the Alchemic Path.

A big thank you to Lisa Hunt for this new and wonderfully impactual deck!


The Winged Cat - Magician card from Fantastical Creatures tarot

Circe - the Page of Wands card from the Fanatastical Creatures tarot

October 2007: The Strength card (Water Dragon) from the Fantastical Creatures Tarot is an Editor's Pick on Epilogue.net.   Strength - Water Dragon
Mythic Creatures Exhibit   If you're in New York City, be sure to check out the Mythic Creatures exhibit running through January 6th at the American Museum of Natural History. We've been told by a sales representative at US Games that they're selling copies of Fantastical Creatures Tarot in the gift shop -- exciting news indeed!

Lisa is now on mySpace!

Stop by and check out her page by clicking on the photo of Lisa with Timmy the Cat (who posed for the Fantastical Creatures' Magician card).

  Lisa and Timmy

September 16-22 2007: Fantastical Creatures is the Tarot of the Week at the Aeclectic Tarot website.

The reviews are starting to come in. You can read them all HERE at the Fantastical Creatures website.

  Aeclectic Tarot Website

Fantastical Creatures Tarot banner

  August 2007:
Fantastical Creatures Tarot
is NOW FOR SALE at the
U.S. Games Systems website!
Click HERE to go directly to
the product page or HERE for the AMAZON.COM one

Find out more at the Fantastical Creatures Tarot website HERE.
Lisa with the Swans 2007 Kort Kramer, all rights reserved
click for larger image

August 17, 2007:

Be sure to check out a rare "guest blog" by Lisa on Kris Waldherr's website.

Click here to visit

Lisa talks candidly about how she and Kris have forged a strong friendship over the years through the mutual experiences as artists/authors. She reflects upon how her work has been evolving over the years and what techniques she employed when painting images for her latest release; the Fantastical Creatures Tarot.

July 2007: The SageWoman 2008 Calendar from Amber Lotus is now available. Lisa contributed three captivating goddess paintings.

From the Amber Lotus website:
"The SageWoman 2008 wall calendar presents exquisite interpretations of Goddess virtues that guide and empower women every day."

Click HERE to find out more.

Sage Woman Calendar 2008
Sacred Catalog banner  

July 2007:
The Sacred Catalog has just added a collection Lisa's goddess paintings to their website. Showcased are 12 goddesses from her Celestial Goddesses book.

Click HERE to vist the website.

June 2007: Lisa joins the ranks of well respected artists whose work has been chosen to grace the cover of Aquarius, A Sign Of The Times, magazine. In it's 15th year, Lisa's painting of Horus from the Animals Divine Tarot is the summer issue's cover image.

To view the cover full size, click on the image to the right.

Aquarius Cover Horus

June 2007: Lisa just sold another project to a publisher, to be completed in 2009. This project will reflect a darker side of Lisa's work where elements of the shadow will be brought to light on the canvas, so to speak. Lisa is very excited about the prospect of exploring the subject matter in depth (TBA at a later date). She has already compiled a plethora of research material and will throw herself into intense sketching throughout the summer.


June 2007: Lisa's art graces the cover of the 40th issue of The Beltane Papers. The painting used is a portrait of Sedna, an underwater deity from the Inuit tradition.

"As Sedna submerges, she is connecting more fully with her inner being, allowing one state of consciousness to merge with another."
Sedna was originally published as the Death card for Animals Divine Tarot to represent rebirth and the opportunity for new beginnings.

If you pick up a copy of TBP, be sure to read Lisa's friend Kris Waldherr's column on mythic living. Kris is an extraordinary woman whose various publications are insightful and beautiful.
The Beltane Papers 40th issue - Sedna
Fantastical Creatures Advertisement   May 2007:
The Fantastical Creatures Tarot can now be pre-ordered (click on image)! So far, the deck is generating a lot of buzz and was recently featured at the U.S. Games booth at BEA. Lisa and D.J. Conway are delighted to see this project come to fruition!

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