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Lisa brainstorms and records her rough ideas as thumbnail drawings in her sketchbook.

(For Jenny Greenteeth, Lisa was inspired by Florida's nature preserves and canal waters)

Jenny Greenteeth sketches
Jenny Greenteeth drawing
Lisa decides which thumbnail she likes the best and uses it as a basis for a more refined drawing.
Lisa works up the sketch to a larger drawing and then lays tracing paper on it. This is when she refines the technical aspects by focusing on anatomical and perspective accuracies. At this stage, she will gather any visual reference that she may need including actual objects like feathers and leaves that she keeps stored in her studio.
Jenny Greenteeth drawing transfer
Jenny Greenteeth painting
Lisa rubs soft pencil on the back of the tracing and tapes it onto watercolor paper that she had previously stretched and stapled onto an art board. Using a hard pencil, she retraces her lines and transfers the drawing onto the paper. She removes the tracing paper and once again reworks the drawing in preparation for painting.
Using light washes of paint, Lisa slowly builds up the color saturation. She is not overly methodical about what she paints first. Lisa just goes with the flow and paints what feels right to her at that moment.
Jenny Greenteeth painting
Jenny Greenteeth painting
As the painting nears completion, Lisa will add dry brushing to create textures. Dry brushing is a technique utilizing the colored pigment with minimal water. Special effects like sparkles and mist are added at the very end.

When the final steps are complete and the painting is dry,
Lisa removes it from the art board.

Jenny Greenteeth painting final, 3 of Swords, Fantastical Creatures Tarot
Jenny Greenteeth, the 3 of Swords, for the Fantastical Creatures Tarot.



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